Why Businesses Are Choosing Us


We pride ourself on being reliable and know that to be reliable we must attend to your matters as soon as possible. We are available via email/phone.


We are here to help, we don't uphold any information from you and we are an open book! Here at Korody & Associates, we are always going to provide you with the results.


TIME IS MONEY & that is why we believe in delivering our best work in a timely manner, we don't slouch around with out clients, we want the best and expect the best!


We enjoy working with small businesses, we enjoy seeing our local businesses grow and thrive. When we see them thrive, it provides us joy and motivates us to work harder to see our communities grow.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Services

Victor Lyes

-------  Small Business Owner --------

K&A has tought me a lot about utilizing my resorces when it comes to trying to get my business name out there. Diane was quick and efficient. 10/10 would reccomend!

Leslie Nguyen

-----  Aspiring Business Owner ------

I needed a lot of guidance since I am new to the business field. I had no idea where to start until a friend of mine reccomended me to Diane for her services. All i have to say it wow, without her I would still be in a bubble with no knowledge. K&A has been so helpful, thank you!!!

Jeremy Tran

---------    Business Owner    ----------

Diane was so great to work with. I already owned a business for a couple years now so I didn't think to acquire her skill set to expand my office but boy was I wrong! 

Lauren Duval

-------   Marketing Manager  ----------

Before working with K&A, i thought i had known it all, assumed I was the best at what I do but I was terribaly wrong. Diane gave me so much new insight and different approaches to marketing that I am going to be telling fellow my marketing friends about! Thanks Diane and K&A! Anyone reading this should do business with her and her company!

Tyler Fisher

-------  Small Business Owner --------

I own a small company here in San Francisco and Diane has made it so helpful, my business was slow at first but now it has been a lot better!

Kevin Khang

-------- Business Consultant  ---------

Anytime I had a question or was stuck on something, K&A was always there to help. Quick and efficient per usual. Love working with peers who are profesional and passionate with what they do.